View All Your Existing Patient Data in One Place

We easily integrate structured and unstructured data into a readily consumable, actionable, FHIR format. We standardize, clean, and unify your data, and make it searchable, aggregated, and secure for distribution.

Predict Individual Disease Evolution in Near Real-Time

With the Lumiata Risk Matrix, you can use your standardized data to identify the likely future clinical state of individuals, specifically a forward-looking view of clinical conditions or diagnoses. Each prediction is delivered with clinical conditions based on the Medical Graph combined with client specific data, consisting of at least demographics, claims, and labs. Predictions on health trajectories can be applied toward multiple use cases, such as: Population health management across individuals and populations; Risk stratification over specific timeframes; through disease-specific implications for utilization, risk adjustment or care coordination.

Easily Integrate into Your Workflow, or Build an App

The Lumiata API returns data in FHIR Format - the industry standard for interoperability - and leverages open standards and coding systems to ensure seamless communication across your organization. Built with uncompromising attention to security, the API ensures your data will be protected.

Unified. Interpreted. Convenient.