Endpoint Descriptions

All Lumiata endpoints comply with the FHIR Search specification DSTU 2. FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is the emerging standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. You can learn more about FHIR here.

Information Architecture

Right Now In the Future Constant
Individual Level Analytics The Medical Timeline can be used to get all the information about an individual: aggregated, normalized, and searchable. The Risk Matrix and the Clinical Rationale power insight into the likelihood of risk in future. The Graph API (coming soon) powers insight into global risk factors, population trends, and factors that influence care at an individual level.
Population Level Analytics The Search API helps you build custom populations and chase lists to measure a specific population or manage outreach. The Search API with the Risk Matrix helps you understand the current and future probability of developing chronic conditions. The Graph API (coming soon) delivers insight into global risk factors, population trends, and factors that influence care at an individual level.

The Risk Matrix

The Lumiata Risk Matrix™ is a predictive analysis that identifies the likely future clinical state of individuals, specifically a forward-looking view of clinical conditions or diagnoses. The Risk Matrix has two components:

  • Predictions of an associated clinical condition
  • Clinical Rationale or evidentiary support for each Prediction

The Risk Matrix can be viewed as the most recent risk matrix, or over time to see how risk has progressed for each individual. It can also be extrapolated to provide a snapshot of the relative risk of a population of patients.

The Clinical Rationale

Each Risk Matrix is supported by Clinical Rationale™, which identifies the reasoning behind a probability prediction. Factors that go into a prediction returned by the Clinical Rationale include significant lab values, relevant procedures, past medical history, medications, and personal attributes.

The Medical Timeline

Lumiata can ingest data from a growing variety of sources, including EMRs, Claims, Labs, Devices, and others. We transform and normalize all of the data to FHIR -- Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources -- the developing industry standard for data exchange. The medical timeline API allows you to access all your data in a single format, normalized, on demand.